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bulk smsBusiness Promotion Redefined with Bulk SMS

This is the latest development in the field of business promotion. Unlike the old school promotional vehicles  (TV , newspapers,  bill boards and radio platform) Bulk SMS is an advertising medium that is target oriented and trackable. It is both an alternative and a complement to the old school platforms.Now  you can  send text messages to a  large number of mobile phone users at very reduced costs. Readmore

online advertsIt is indeed time for enterprising entrepreneurs to exploit more options of increasing their income. Alternative Adverts Media provides sure avenues to advertise products and services online. You can reach more people with your adverts and recieve an increased number of alerts. Our efficient Ad-serving engine tailors your ads to suit your pocket. Readmore

Alternative Adverts Media

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The new “Alternative Adverts Media” are not just good alternatives to the conventional advertising media, (Television, Radio, Newspapers and Bill Boards) but prefarable complements too. Times have changed obviously and the story has changed too. There is no doubt that Telephones, Computers and Hand Held Devices have come to stay and are getting into the hands of a large percentage of our population. Today, its Online Adverts, Email Marketing, Web Marketing and Mobile Marketing via Bulk SMS that have brought up their faces on the adverts scene. They are more target oriented, impactful and cost effective alternatives of advertising goods, services and events. And thats what we bring to your desktop.

When your business requires a boost it must come from potential customers. How many potential customers can you reach and how fast?  How many contacts do you have? Are you really satisfied?  Read more: Alternative Adverts Media

Work at home Jobs for everybody both the employed and unemployed

work at home

Work at home in Nigeria!

Make money doing what you like doing like;

Posting on facebook


Blog post

Forum Post

Chatting e.t.c

You can make hundreds of thousands from the comfort of your home or office with ease!

It’s easy no technical skills required Click here to register free of charge

For every visitor you bring to our website from your post on facebook, twitter, blog etc Read more: Work at home Jobs for everybody both the employed and unemployed

SEO Services

seo services

Take a  look at the following questions for the relevance of SEO services

  • Do you have enough traffic on your site?
  • Is your site search engine friendly?
  • Are you providing a good experience for your customers?

 If your answer is NO to any one of the above questions then you need to learn and implement some of the following tips


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