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bulk smsBusiness Promotion Redefined with Bulk SMS

This is the latest development in the field of business promotion. Unlike the old school promotional vehicles  (TV , newspapers,  bill boards and radio platform) Bulk SMS is an advertising medium that is target oriented and trackable. It is both an alternative and a complement to the old school platforms.Now  you can  send text messages to a  large number of mobile phone users at very reduced costs. Readmore

online advertsIt is indeed time for enterprising entrepreneurs to exploit more options of increasing their income. Alternative Adverts Media provides sure avenues to advertise products and services online. You can reach more people with your adverts and recieve an increased number of alerts. Our efficient Ad-serving engine tailors your ads to suit your pocket. Readmore

Yahoo Advertising Login Page and Yahoo Mail Page

Yahoo Home Page Advert

Drive your business through a combination only Yahoo! offers: the science to target an audience, the art to create engagement, and the scale to reach the right audience in meaningful numbers.

Yahoo Advertising Philosophy
The login page is the doorway to Yahoo! It is the entry point into our users email and other communication tools online. Therefore, it is important that any advertising shown on the login page not affect a user’s feeling of security, trust, and accessibility to Yahoo!'s products.

If Google (GOOG) can decorate its famously pristine homepage, then everything else is fair game too: Yahoo has started renting out its login page to marketers.

The login page is prime real estate. ComScore (SCOR) says it attracts 26 million U.S. unique per day, and Yahoo (YHOO) says the page is its third-most popular, after the homepage and Yahoo Mail page. But the Yahoo login has been ad-free–just a white page with a login box and some technical/privacy verbiage–for some 15 years.

But Now Yahoo is renting out the page as a “takeover.” That is, everyone who visits the site on a given day sees the same thing.

How much is that worth? Not so much click here to contact us or call 2347014039333, 08140806869 for more information

Phone Numbers and Email Databases

Are you wonderling how or where to get valid phone numbers and email addresses for your adverts? Don't worry. We have over 80 million phone numbers grouped according to states and local governement areas as well as over one million email addresses which you can use for your online marketing campaign. We also have Classified databases sorted according to groups to meet different target audiences. The classified database includes Business in Nigeria, Car Owners, Lagos Island residents, Mainland Residents, Civil Servants see details below

Database Location Description Quantity
Businesses Nationwide Phone numbers of Companies in Nigeria
Lagos Island Resident Lagos People living/working on Lagos Island
Car owners  Nationwide  People who have cars     1,290,743
Politicians Random  Active politicians & office holders
Online Users Random People who use the internet often
Real estate Agents Random People who deal in properties  65,807
Civil Servants Lagos  Civil & public servants     26,780
Job Seekers    Nationwide    Job Seekers
Telecoms Staffs                                          Lagos  People working with different telecom companies 18,983
Cable Satellite Sub  Nationwide   DSTV & HITV Subscribers     432,360
Lagos Mainland Residents Lagos   People living within the main land   

Bundle Packages

Bundle Packages will allow you to focus on what you know how to do best while we take care of your advertising needs, we will use the phone numbers and emails in our database to reach out to millions of your prospective customers/clients. Find below prices for our targeted marketing services.

SMS Adverts
10,000 people                  N15, 000
50,000 people                  N75, 000
100,000 people                N140, 000
500,000 people                N700, 000
1,000.000 people             N135, 00.000
1,000.000 people    and above call us for price

Email Newsletter
20,000 companies only N45, 000
100,000 companies and individuals N75, 000
250,000 companies and individuals N170, 000
500,000 companies and individuals N300, 000
1,000,000 companies and individuals N550, 00.000
2,000.000 call us for price

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Online Adverts





N10,000 per month




N20,000 per month



N30,000 per month


N40,000 per month


N50,000 per month

 Click here to contact us or call 2347014039333, 08140806869 for more information


SEO Services

seo services

Take a  look at the following questions for the relevance of SEO services

  • Do you have enough traffic on your site?
  • Is your site search engine friendly?
  • Are you providing a good experience for your customers?

 If your answer is NO to any one of the above questions then you need to learn and implement some of the following tips


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